Licenses & Certifications

When you hire Erie Welding & Mechanical Contractors, Inc., you can rest assured knowing that our 30 + years of experience in the industry are backed by all of the necessary training, certifications, and licenses needed for success. You can be confident that your specific project will be completed by qualified tradesman.

National Board “R” Stamp Certification
  • (Certification to perform welded repairs on all boilers and ASME rated pressure vessels)
State of Michigan Mechanical Contractor
  • (Hydronic heating/cooling, process piping, HVAC equipment, ductwork, refrigeration, unlimited heating service, unlimited refrigeration service)
State of Michigan Boiler Installers License
  • (Type 4B)
State of Ohio Boiler Installers License
State of Michigan Boiler Repairers License
State of Ohio Boiler Repairers License
State of Michigan Master Plumber License
State of Ohio Master Plumber License
State of Michigan Certified Backflow Preventer Tester
State of Ohio Certified Backflow Preventer Tester

If you have any questions concerning our qualifications, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We know that a great customer experience begins with well-trained, highly qualified team members who are committed to producing dependable, high quality products and services consistently.